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Disc Magnets

Disc magnets are the most commonly shaped magnet used in today’s major markets and industries due to their versatility and economic cost. Because of their high magnetic strength in compact shapes and round, flat surfaces with large magnetic pole areas, they are used for numerous industrial, technical, commercial, and consumer applications.

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Block Magnets

Block magnets are six-sided magnets with straight sides where all angles are right angles (90°). The opposite sides of the magnet are parallel. They are commonly used in holding applications where they fit within a channel to increase their holding force. We carry a selection of different shapes and sizes and can supply magnets to our customers’ specifications.

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220px NeoCube

Neodymium Magnets

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Power Magnets

N35 Neodymium Block Magnets for Motor

N35 Grade Magnets

Buy Neodymium Magnets in India

Neodymium Magnets

Sizes in Disc Magnets ( 28 +) 00

We provide different sizes according to the need of our clients.

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Sizes in Block Magnets ( 7 +) 0

We supply the exact size and grade required by our customers.


A Reliable Source of Magnets.

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Ivaana magnets have an uncompromising approach towards quality due to which it has earned the trust of clients all over India. These products are known for their best quality and remarkable finish. 

About us

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We provide magnets of superior quality in accordance with the requirement of our clients. These are some specialties about us.

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