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Purse Magnets

Buy Purse Magnets Online

Purse magnets are types of magnets that are used for the closure of purses or bags. The bag which you carry for the office, women’s purses, and students’ bags also carry magnets. Women’s purse carries magnet to tightly close the purse and provides you security, this kind of purse magnet you can find at Ivaana magnets under the best quality service. 

If you are looking for the best quality Purse magnets, then you are at the right place. Here, you can get the magnet not only at an affordable price but also with the best quality, timely delivery, and everything else as per your requirements.

1. 2 pcs Purse Magnets Closure

2 pcs Purse Magnets Closure
  • Brand Name – Ivaana Magnets
  • Capacity – 4.00 milliliters
  • Colour – Bronze
  • Included Components – DIY Crafts
  • Item Shape – Round / Square, As Shown Image / Photo Shown Utility Tools
  • Item Weight – 405 grams

2. Purse Magnets Button (18mm, 10Pcs) Clasps

Purse Magnets Button (18mm, 10Pcs) Clasps
  • Colour – Magnet Button-Silver
  • Material – Metal
  • Brand – Ivaana Magnets
  • Net Quantity -10.00 count

3. 4 Sets Purse Magnets 18 Mm Fastener Clasp

4 Sets Purse Magnets 18 Mm Fastener Clasp
  • Colour – Gold Color
  • Brand – Jasol
  • Net Quantity 4.00 Set

4. Golden Purse Magnets (SEW)-20mm

Golden Purse Magnets
  • Colour – Golden (SEW)-20mm
  • Material – Cast Iron
  • Brand – Ivaana Magnets
  • Net Quantity – 2.00 Piece

5. Hidden Purse Magnets Snap

Hidden Purse Magnets Snap
  • Color – AS SHOW
  • Material – Copper
  • Brand – SEMINI
  • Model Name – JS078-079-056

6. Sets Silver Tone Magnetic Purse

Sets Silver Tone Magnetic Purse
  • Color – 14(100)silver
  • Material – Metal
  • Brand – Vafon

7. 50 Sets of Magnetic snap Buttons

50 Sets of Magnetic snap Buttons
  • Color – Antique Brass-18mm/0.7in
  • Material – Metal
  • Brand – Xiran

8. Magnetic Snaps Buttons

Magnetic Snaps Buttons
  • Color Silver
  • Model Name MNL

Why Buy Purse Magnets From Ivaana Magnets

1. Best Product Ensuring 

Ivanna  Magnet provides you with the best quality product while also providing affordable, quality-based, and on-time services by understanding the client’s exact requirements.

Ivaana Magnets is the major importer and supplier of magnets. Ivaana deals in neodymium magnets, round magnets, disc magnets, block magnets, permanent magnets, powerful magnets, and rectangular magnets in grades N35 and above.

Ivanna Magnets provides the major magnets, commonly known as neodymium, in round and disc form, along with N35 grade and above.

What makes the Ivaana magnetic field different is its superior quality. In accordance with the client’s requirements, Ivaana provides the best service at an affordable price.

You can find different sizes in disc magnets and different sizes in block magnets; exact sizes would be provided as the further client wishes for disc magnets, block magnets, and many more magnets. 

2. Client Faith 

Ivanna Magnets has earned the faith of clients all over India due to its uncompromising approach. Ivaana Magnet will provide you with the size and grade required by the client.

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